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Helios heats up summer with chef-cooked bites from the burner and cools it down with crafty cocktails

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The quintessential Glo-So sip spot brings “cafe” to the fore of 9-year-old cafehelios with the addition of a kitchen, furnished with some foodie flare and a six burner gas stove—executive chef Rob Bland at its helm.

But don’t let the surname fool you—there’s not much ‘bland’ about this chef’s culinary chops, or the cafe’s new menu. Schooled at Culinary Institute of America, Virginia-native Bland ‘ll feed simple, fresh fare to the Helios hungries—but java-joint faithfuls, don’t fret, the staples will remain: Counter Culture coffees, bittycakes, and most of the breakfast and lunchstuffs.

Oh, after you’re done gettin’ juked on java and pleasing your palate, enliven your liver with a spirit or two from the revamped cocktail menu. Bottoms up.

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